Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fees

Tuition Payment 

The tuition payment is 11,000 dollars for the whole MA program that is studied over 2 to 4 semesters

Please see the following links for explanations on how to pay tuition: explains the rates explains how to pay througout the year


If you don't have an Israeli bank account it may help to pay through the HUJI app. For that you need to fulfill the following conditions : 

  *Have a credit card

  *Your available credit is higher than what is being requested for each payment

  *Your bank allows international transactions to your card


Estimated overall annual expenses

Estimated annual expenses include the following:

Tuition: $11,000 (for the whole MA Program that is studied over 2 to 4 semesters) 

Housing: (at the Hebrew University dorms): $7600 (annually)

Board: (utilities and food included): $7500

Transportation within Israel: $900 (annually)

Books and supplies: $400 (annually) 

Personal expenses and leisure: $4,000 (annually)

Misc.: $2,000 (annually)

Health Insurance: see below

Housing: housing is available for M.A. students See additional housing information.

Cost: Tuition is $11,000 for the whole MA program that can be studied over 2  to 4 semesters. This includes extracurricular social and cultural activities. Accommodations in the dorms are at an additional cost.


Health Insurance

Students who are not Israeli citizens must have health insurance while they are students at the Hebrew University.

Health insurance can be arranged through the Hebrew University or independently.

Option one:

Students who choose to arrange health insurance through the University must fill out application form and submit it to the Tuition and Fees Unit via a Contact form on the Personal Information website. Once the student receives the Policy from the health insurance company, the student’s account will be charged accordingly.

The content of the medical insurance will be included in the insurance policy that will be sent to the student by the health insurance company.

The health insurance New rates starting from 1/1/18 are: 8.5 NIS a day, CPI linkage. for students in the Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment is- 9.75 NIS a day, CPI linkage.

Option two:

Students who choose to waive health insurance through the University must fill out the waiver form and submit it to the Tuition and Fees Unit via a Contact form on the Personal Information website.

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