Dr. Zohar Kampf

Dr. Zohar Kampf
Former Head, the Swiss Center (2013-2014);
Department of Communication and Journalism
Social Science, room 5405

I am a Senior Lecturer of Language and communication in the Department of Communication and journalism. My main research interest lies in the multifaceted ties between media, language and politics. My specialization in the field of Discourse Analysis, acquired during my doctoral years at the Hebrew University (2004-2007), and later at the UCLA center of Language, Interaction and Culture (2007-2008), is applied to processes of communication in everyday settings, public settings and their intersections. These linkages appear in my studies of public speech-acts, such as apologies, forgiveness, expressions of sorrow and complements, mediated political interactions  and of media accountability products. It is also highlighted in my work on the changing media coverage of violent conflicts, visual communication and peer discourse among young children in natural settings.