Dr. Tobais ebbrecht-hartmann

Dr. Tobias Ebbrecht-Hartmann
Department of Communication and Journalism;
German Social History and Culture in the DAAD Center for German Studies
Social Science, room 5406

Tobias Ebbrecht-Hartmann is a Lecturer of Cinema Studies in the Department of Communication and Journalism and of German Social History and Culture in the DAAD Center for German Studies. His fields of research, teaching and publication are film history and film theory; memory culture and cinematic remembrance of the Holocaust; West and East German cinema; German-Israeli film relations; filmheritage, archival films and echo cinema.

He holds his PhD from the Free University in Berlin where he also graduated in Film Studies, New German Literature and Political Science. From 2004 to 2010 he was research and teaching assistant in the field of media history at the University for Film and Television “Konrad Wolf” in Potsdam-Babelsberg. After defending his doctoral thesis on cinematic narration of the Holocaust in 2010 he was senior researcher and postdoctoral fellow in the Graduate Research Program “Media of History – History of Media” at the Bauhaus University of Weimar. In 2012 he was awarded a fellowship of the International Institute for Holocaust Research Yad Vashem in Jerusalem. From 2013 to 2014 he was head of a research project on East German Student Films based at the University for Film and Television “Konrad Wolf” and funded by the German Research Foundation.

Ebbrecht-Hartmann is author of three German monographs on German-Israeli film history, cinematic narration of the Holocaust and the filmmaker Romuald Karmakar; co-editor of three German anthologies on emotions and film perception, East German documentary cinema and contemporary German cinema; and contributed numerously to journals, collections and online-publications in German, English, French and Hebrew.