Program's New Courses

November 28, 2016

54743 – Between cyber wars and internet governance (Dr. Efrat Daskal) 

This course examines the conflicts and the compromises taking place "behind the scenes" in the field of internet governance. In this course, the student will learn about the national and the international actors operating within the cyber space and about the political, social and technological struggles that shape and construct the cyberspace in which we live.

50987 - The Holocaust, Collective Memory and Visual Culture (Dr. Tobias Ebbrecht-Hartmann)

Would you consider The X-Men as a Holocaust movie? How do movies shape the memory of the Holocaust? Is there only one distinct Holocaust memory or are we confronted with conflicting, even competing memories? How far do media gain access to past experiences and how far do they mediate, or even cure (?), traumatic memories? What are the "Era of the Witness" and what is "Postmemory"?
The course "The Holocaust, Collective Memory and Cinema" will introduce important theoretical concepts of collective, communicative, cultural, media and post-memory and apply these approaches to different narrative and documentary films that 'revive', 're-enact' or remember the Shoah.
We will watch and analyze sequences from different movies and discuss the impact of the past on the present, how movies 'negotiate', 'harmonize' or 'disturb' the past, the interplay of cinema and conflicting memories and the notion of migrating images and traveling memories that interrelate very different traumatic events and historical experiences in a transnational perspective.
The students will present particular cinematic case studies and review selected films that will include 'classic' examples such as Schindler's List as well as recent award winning films such as Ida or Son of Saul

54742 - Psychological and Social Aspects of Conflict (Prof. Ifat Maoz)

The course will discuss social and psychological foundations of conflict and its resolution. The course will also focus on advanced skills for conducting an academic research and writing an academic text on the relevant topics.

40935 - The Water Policy in Israel (Prof. Itay Ficshhendler)

The aim of this course is to expose the students to the difficulties and barriers in the allocation of natural resources like water under conditions of uncertainty. In addition, to gain skills that will enable tounderstand the decisions made by policy makers and interest groups during the struggle of natural resources like water. Finally, to identify mechanisms for resolving and settling these differences and straggles over water.

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