Study Program

The Program is taught in Hebrew.

The Studies at the Swiss Center for Conflict Resolution take two years (four semesters).

Classes are held one day a week (Monday) throughout the day (8:00-20:00) 


Study Program is Held in Two Tracks:

Non-research track

Research track 

In both Tracks, Students are Required to Study:

1. Mandatory courses:

A. Theoretical core courses

B. Training courses: tools and techniques

C. Research and methodological courses (required to learn in the first-year)

D. Interdisciplinary Departmental Seminar (active participation required for two years)

E. Students of the research track are required to study another training course

2. Elective courses:

A. Of the program

B. From other programs (we cannot ensure these courses will be held on Mondays)

3. Writing at least one seminar paper