Research Track

Beginning in their second year of studies, students can take the research track, in which they are required to submit a final research paper. In this track, the student chooses a supervisor from the program's academic staff for guidance in writing their thesis paper. Students who choose this track may continue on to Ph.D studies.

Entry Requirements into the Research Track (34 credits for graduation) 

Students who wish to enroll in the research track must meet the following conditions:

  • The student has to complete at least 18 credits during the first year in the program, with an average of at least 90%.
  • The student must submit one seminar paper and receive a minimum grade of 90%.
  • The student must have a supervisor.

It's necessary to submit the thesis topic and the supervisor's approval to the center's academic committee by Dec. 31 2016. The thesis paper must be submitted by Dec. 31 2017.

Research Track Academic Structure

Mandatory Courses (19-23 credits)

A. Theoretical courses (8 credits) - four courses to choose from six options 

B. Training courses - Tools and Techniques (5-8 credits) - two courses to choose from four options

C. Research and methodological courses (2-3 credits) - required to learn in the first-year, one of three options

D. Interdisciplinary Departmental Seminar (2 credits) - duty of active participation for two years

E. Proficiency courses for Research Track students (2 credits) - required to learn in the second-year, one of two options:

  • Research approaches and skills for graduate students (Prof. Yifat Maoz)
  • Psychology, politics, gender and social networks in inter group relations and in conflict (Prof. Yifat Maoz)

Elective Courses (7-11 credits)

The student chooses elective courses in one of the two following clusters:

  • Political, international, legal, media cluster
  • Psychological, social, cultural, gender, cinematic cluster

Seminar Paper (4 credits)

The student will write a seminar paper in one of the theoretical courses of the program. The student will get four credits on the paper, in addition to the course credits.

Research Work

In addition to the seminar paper, the student will write a thesis paper based on original research. The thesis can be the length of an article publication or longer, according to what is common in the area where the work was written. The thesis can be an extension, depth or focus of a seminar paper. The thesis supervisor and a second reader will read the work and grade it.

Eligibility for MA 

The student is entitled to qualify only with the average of at least 80% in the courses and a grade of at least 80% on the thesis paper.

Final Score Weighting

The average course grades 60%

Thesis 40%