As part of the Swiss Center for Conflict Research, Management and Resolution Masters Studies program, we offer our students the opportunity to participate in an internship program.  Its aim is to enrich the participants' knowledge in management and resolution of conflicts, to increase their exposure to work in the social and public sector, and mainly to enable them to acquire proper skills in those fields.

The participation in the internship program involves a selection process, and only outstanding students are accepted. The Internship program is conducted for almost a decade in a framework of a larger project at the Hebrew University Faculty of Social Science. The Swiss Center is pioneering in applying this program to outstanding Masters students.

Mrs. Maya De Vries supervised our students during the Internship and wrote a summery about the experience:

This year we were able to integrate our students in excellent internships such as: The Knesset, the Israeli Central Statistics Bureau, the Knesset TV channel, The Strategic Dept. within the office of the President of the State of Israel, the Jerusalem Municipality and more.

As part of the internship, the students are obliged to participate in an academic course that is divided to class meetings and 'one-on-one' meetings. Alongside their practical work, the students are expected to hand in a final paper relating directly to their internship. Hence, throughout the course the students were exposed to various research methods, focusing on qualitative methods. In this manner, the students worked intensively, throughout the year finding a research question, choosing a proper method and creating the research outline.

At the end of the academic year the students presented their research outline in a format of a poster as part of a formal graduation ceremony.