General Information

Studying Tracks

MA Studies take place in two tracks:

Research track (with thesis)

Non-research track (without thesis)

General Requirements for Both Tracks

Candidates who are accepted will be required to take supplementary courses to their BA studies within the Faculty during their first year of MA studies. To continue their studies, they must obtain a grade average of at least 80 in the supplementary courses. The supplementary courses will be personally chosen for each student by the Program's counselor, out of the following list of courses:

  • Introduction to Statistics
  • Introduction to Sociology or Introduction to Psychology 
  • Introduction to International Relations or Introduction to Political Science

Duration of the Study Program:

In light of the uniqueness of the Program and the limited number of spots, students who are accepted will take the full Program and will complete their studies within two years  

Candidates to the Faculty of Social Sciences Graduate Degree must present the following documents:

Original transcript stamped by the academic institution including a Final Average, as well as the original certificate of eligibility and signed degree.

Those who have not yet graduated must send (from the educational institution):

  1. An official original transcript that includes all grades received to date.
  2. The most updated average
  3. An undergraduate debt balance.

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