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The Program will provide its students academic and practical expertise in studying conflict transformation, resolution, problem-solving and negotiation. The expertise already acquired and disseminated by the Swiss Center for Conflict Research, Management and Resolution becomes even more indispensable in the context of recent political and historical developments, in the Middle East and elsewhere.

The program, which is taught in English, will be open to graduates of programs in relevant fields, such as international relations, law, political science, communications, psychology, conflict settlement, sociology, history and Middle East studies, who have studied in Israel or abroad. The program is devoted to studying the sources and causes of domestic and external conflicts in general and in Israel in particular. It explores the methods, techniques and strategies that can help manage and resolve these conflicts from different disciplinary points of view, including international relations, law, political science, social psychology, communication and media studies and sociology.

Faculty in the program will include leading experts from Israel, as well as leading international experts. It will offer both academic and practical perspectives.

This advanced degree program will provide students with an excellent understanding of both theory and practice in international conflict resolution, international law and their interface, and will equip them with first rate knowledge and skills that will help them develop careers in governmental foreign services and in other governmental offices, in policy think tanks and research centers, in international organizations and NGOs dealing with conflict resolution and reconciliation, in academic institutes and universities, in the media and in other leadership positions.

Degree: M.A in Conflict Research Management and Resolution.

Academic Director: Prof. Ifat Maoz (Department of Communication and Head, Swiss Center M.A. and Graduate Program for Conflict Research, Management and Resolution) 


Tuition is $10000. This includes extracurricular activities. Accommodations in the dorms and health insurance are an additional cost.

Scholarships and stipends are available to qualified students.

For further details Please contact the Program Coordinators and Advisors
Tamar Yakubovitz 


The admission is done throw the overseas students online application site: