Doctoral Students

Tziporit Glik

Topic: The interactive effect of ideology structure and emotions on political attitude &  behavior tendencies in intergroup conflicts  

Supervisor: Prof. Eran Halperin, Prof. Maya Tamir

Yael Lahav

Topic: International Legitimacy to Foreign Policy - The Israeli Case

Supervisor: Prof. Galia Bar-Natan, Prof. Sasson Sofer

Saar Raveh

Topic: IDF Learning in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Supervisor: Prof. Raanan Lifshitz, Prof. Alon Peled

Saar's Ph.D. was approved on October 2016. 

Michal Raz Rotem

Topic: Interaction patterns in a divided society: A case study of work relationships in diverse nurses’ teams

Supervisor: Prof. Helena Desivilya Syna, Prof. Ifat Maoz

Tal Shahaf

Topic: Who is a Good Parliament Member: Evaluating Members of

Parliaments on an International Comparative Scale

Supervisor: Prof. Tamir Sheafer

Avigdor Shapira

Topic: Cyber Waefare Mangement And Resolution Compatibility With Traditional Conflict Resolution theories And Creation Of Glossary Of Terms

Supervisor: Dr. Eitan Barak, Prof. Lior Rokach

Nechumi Yaffe 

Topic: Disadvantage in the Ultra Orthodox Community

Supervisor: Prof. Avner De-Shalit